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Monday, July 2, 2012

American Water Resources - Pennsylvania

Everybody knows what an EPS is, even if the acronym has different letters, it might be EPA (Extra Protection Agreement) or something else.  What ever you want to call them, for 99% of the time they are a waste of money.  Yesterday I received a letter from American Water Resources which offered one of these phony insurance policies.  For only $3.99 per month, I could join their "in home plumbing emergency program."  What horse shit!  They want me to spend almost $48 per year just incase I have a "backed up bathtub drain," or a "blocked or overflowing toilet."  I've lived in my house for over 19 years and have only had a plumber here 4 times and never for repairs: I've moved my washer and dryer down to the basement, bought a refrigerator with water in the door, put in a garbage disposal... and, oh yes, did a bathroom redo.  Now, maybe you're a Paranoid Penny who is constantly worried you might have to deal with a clogged bathroom sink.  I've never had one, but, if I did, I'd most likely go to Home Depot and buy a plunger.  If you're not careful, these people will paranoid you to death and bleed your finances dry in the process.

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