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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Through the Wormhole, kind of

As a person of "retail" my schedule can be quite varied, some mornings I
need to get up at 5 AM, other mornings at 4 AM and on some occasions as
early as 3 AM.  This puts me at odds with networks such as the Science
Channel which has a terrible policy of premiering new shows at 10 PM.  That
time slot does not work if you work in retail, unless, of course, you happen
to be in upper management, which I am not.  A prime example, this week the
3rd season of Through the Wormhole begins... with the first new episode at
(drum roll, please) 10 PM.  Thursday morning, my alarm clock is set for 5 AM
which would give me, at best, about 5.5 hours of sleep.  

And it isn't only the Science Channel, they all do it.  Do the Executives in charge of
programming think everybody works 9 - 5?  I don't understand why it has to
be 10 PM, why not 9 PM or 8PM.  These shows are at best rated PG, there's no
vulgar language, on sexual situations, and there sure as hell isn't going to
be a flash of titty or butt crack, or peen.  As a result, I always have to wait until they choose to air these episodes at an earlier time which defeats the purpose, at least in my book, of having a premier show.

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