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Friday, June 22, 2012

Polar bites it big time!

The polar I am referring to is the Polar who puts out Heart Rate Monitors.  Why do they bite big time?  For several reasons.  I was suckered into my first Polar HRM because it seemed like a good deal even though you needed to mail it off to get the battery changed.  Then, when I needed to have the battery changed, I found out how much it would cost: roughly $25.  There was also the time factor of between 1 and 2 weeks I would have no HRM.  Sooooo, I did without for about a year.  I still went back to their website because I still thought they offered deals and it seemed like everybody was using Polar.  Eventually, I bought another one and realized I had the same fricking problem.  This time I thought I should be able to change the battery myself.  After taking off the back I realized the battery seemed to have been built into the HRM.  Why would they shit on their customer base in such a manner?  Were they that damn greedy.  Sure, very pricey models were available that allowed the consumer to change the battery.  But why did Polar make them so fricking expensive?

Sucky piece of shit

Here is a picture of the last Polar product I will ever purchase.  Not only because the company seems to have no problem shitting on their customer base and sucking every conceivable penny out of them, but also because I purchased an Imac and Polar is not Apple friendly.  I checked out their website and in this day of the Ipad could find no compatible app.  I did go on to purchase a Suunto HRM which I used for a couple of years (you can change the battery on their models) and finally graduated to Garmin.  More on that later.

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