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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fast food = phony restaurants

The time was when people who went out to eat could afford to both spend the time and the money.  Why time, because at a good restaurant you might have to wait between 15 and 20 minutes between the ordering and the serving.  This is why appetizers were invented, to help pass the time rather then help you build up an appetite.  Today, most often, the only waiting you do is to be seated.  Today, most Americans frequent a chain restaurant where they are handed a pager which vibrates and flashes to let you know a table is ready.  And, in reality, once you sit down you are served... well, sit down fast food.

That's right, this is fast food

Appetizers are still served, of course, even though the wait time between the ordering and the serving is usually no more then 7 minutes (if you don't order an appetizer); remember, it's get you in and get you out as fast as possible.  They do not like slow eaters or people who enjoy conversation, this costs both the waiter and the establishment money.

And this is fast food

This quick turn around makes it obvious that almost every thing served has been pre-cooked and packaged.  All the cook staff does is put your order on a plate and pop it into a microwave, they don't have time to actually prepare a meal.  While you dinner may taste better then something you might get a  McDonald's or Burger King, the fat content is far worse.  There may be healthy fare on the menu but nobody orders it.  People want to order a dish which has 3 times the carbs you should eat in a day and week and a half worth of fat.  One other thing to note, the portions are not normal, they are oversized.  These establishments want their clientele to return over and over again.  Americans are suckers for a good deal.

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