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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mass Effect 3, the true ending

Back when this game came out there was a lot of hubbub as to whether Shepherd dies; a lot of people were not happy.  Of course he didn't die, there was no body.  What you did get were a number of short scenes which didn't tell you anything.  A two second clip of a human moving in the rubble of Earth says nothing yet a lot of voices shouted "see, Shepherd lives."  The truth is it could have been any survivor.  Where is the Normandy?  That's my main question.  First you see the Earth relay station detonate and pulse / destructo beam aim and hit a 2nd relay station, and then you see the same pulse / destructo beam chasing and (perhaps) overtaking the Normandy.  This means Joker had left Earth and made it through at least one relay station (maybe two).  The fact that you see survivors exiting the ship (no where near Earth) raises a lot of questions.  Like, was the pulse / destructo beam specifically targeting every relay station?  If that was the case a three second clip could have shown them all destroyed.  Or was it specifically targeting the Normandy?  Hhmmmm.

Too many people were thinking inside the box.  They need to understand Bioware is thinking mostly in terms of revenue.  With Mass Effect they have a golden goose.  So, they're going to kill it off leaving only a few measly DLC golden eggs? Holy shit, give me a break.  Believe me, Shepherd didn't die.  How do I know?  Normally, when I finish a game I don't watch the credits - boring.  With ME3 I didn't turn off my console, nor did I pop the game out in frustration.  I actually went into the kitchen and began loading dishes into the dishwasher.  I had just put a glass in the rack when I heard voices talking, one old and one young.  Going into the living room I saw that a tag was added at the end of the credits. What I saw was an older man talking to a child.  The last spoken line in the game is a statement made by the child.  "Tell me more stories about Shepherd."

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