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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ambulance chasing Relion Group

I rarely watch network television preferring the semi-documentary fare of the Smithsonian Channel, NatGeo, and the like; sometimes I'll even watch ID, though not that often.  One thing I've noticed is the growing preponderance of ads by "legal firms" solely interested in making money by forcing litigation against large firms over what I would call simple bad luck, or, in other words, and accident.  This is not new, years ago they used to call such despicable law firms and attorneys "ambulance chasers," since they tried to make money off of every accident they could.  The Relion Group is an example of an accident chasing law firm.  I saw this ad and thought, "Holy Shit, these people are real losers!"

Occasionally bad things happen to people, this is the way the world works, just deal with it.  If I had a nickle for every time I heard "I am a not attorney spokesperson" I could afford a nice, long vacation in France where I could take more pictures like this.


  1. Outrageous Let's Sue Someone Who Is Trying To Help If You Would Do That Don't Go To The Hospital. People are greedy.

  2. So, there's no legitimate reason ever for suing any these would be medical people AND\OR pharmaceutical company scientists who think they're gods?

    1. No, there are legitimate reasons but groups like Relion work primarily with class action suits rather than individuals, their fees run 70% - 80%, and if settlement happens the amount you get is far, far less then what you were expecting. There are legitimate attorneys out there who will represent your case much better than groups like Relion.

  3. This pharmaceutical co. Test these drugs and know what the side effects are but they hide them, and is no accident that life threatening things had to ppl until you get a life altering disease and have to take medications to keep you alive or well to live then you will look at it differently.