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Monday, June 18, 2012

Nuts, dates and oatmeal

So what exactly is a healthy breakfast, well depending up on who you might be talking to the definition may be a little complicated.  If you're on a diet regime your breakfasts are going to be geared towards losing poundage while still keeping you satiated.  Cookies and milk, or just a couple of pieces of fruit are not going to cut it.  I like oatmeal.  I eat it for breakfast just about every day, and not the instant variety.  Instant oatmeal has been processed to a point where it barely resembles the cooked oats it's supposed to be.  My oatmeal consists 2 teaspoons of walnuts, one date chopped, a half cup of old fashioned oats and a strong dash of cinnamon.  I add one cup of water and nuke the mixture for 4 minutes at 60 power, or, I throw it into a pan and cook it on top of the stove for about 4 minutes.

This is what it looks like when nuked.

I can remember telling my Dad that I never added sugar and he gave me this "oh my God, how could you not sweeten up your oatmeal" look.  And recently I told a friend and she gave me the same look, adding "don't you find that bland."  NO, I don't.  I want my breakfast to provide me with nutrition, not artificial sweetners and flavors.  It's not bland, it has walnuts, and a date, and a dash of cinnamon.  It suits me just fine.

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