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Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sprouting nuts

Well, it's Sunday and some of you are sleeping in - that seems to be what a lot of people usually do on Sundays.  Oh, sure, some will get up and go to Church, but attendance seems to be on the decline.  Me?  I did free weights.  An hour's worth.  My free weights are all done with dumbbells and focus on the upper body.  Cycling keeps the legs in shape.
Evidently there was some sort of media event last evening and Sarah Huckabee Sanders got roasted... and some Republicans are fuming.  This is the same party that for 8 years shrieked about Obama's citizenship.  If they can't take the heat they need to stay out of the kitchen.  Am I right?  And, of course, the Idiot Jerk was farting into a microphone out in Michigan totally ignoring his teleprompter.  Maybe if someone told him his fortune depended upon staying on message he might listen... Nope.  I suspect that only happens when he sees someone waving his Golden Shower video.
Anyway, I saw in the NYT how much of a numb nuts he is, especially in regard to the mid-term elections.  Why would he listen.  In his mind, addled as it is, his 2016 victory means he can do what ever he wants.  The polls were wrong then.  He believes they'll be wrong again.  Oh, and I'm sure he's also counting on his Russian friends to intervene should it look like he's losing the house.  If you think you've seen the worst of him already, just wait until the day after the mid-terms.  Don't be surprised if the shit explosion will be so terrible the walls of the White House will be leveled, which will mean a long decontamination period until we're able to rebuild.
On the bright side, tomorrow is always another day.  The temperature is supposed to be a little warmer.  Spring might finally be arriving... or maybe summer's going to smile his friendly face a bit early.  That's what happened last year.
All of the trees around the house have burst into bloom.  Tomorrow, I'll walk out to where I planted my walnuts to see if they've sprouted.  If they have I'll have to write an entry about how wonderful it is when your nuts sprout.

I'll be looking for this