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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Dr. Ronnie crashes into the Real World

So, it's Thursday and I'm off work today.  Then I get to work for 3 days before I have another day off.  My schedule next week is for having split days off - which is something I don't like.  Back to back days off is what I prefer.
I also see that Dr. Ronnie (Candyman) Jackson might be withdrawing his name for consideration as the new Head of Veteran's Affairs.  This is about par for the course.  If you praise the Idiot Jerk in the White House, and kiss his ass, you tend to get what you want.  Dr. Ronnie said the Idiot Jerk was in outstanding health, that he'd probably live to be 200 (he actually said that), and got himself promoted to Admiral.  And then, with a few swipes of his tongue, Dr. Ronnie got himself a nomination to a cabinet position.  Woah!  Doesn't Dr. Ronnie move fast!  The fact that Dr. Ronnie seems to have no problem self-medicating didn't seem to bother the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Or like crashing a car under the influence?   No doubt he went to see Michael (The Fixer) Cohen on that one.  And you know The Fixer said "Don't worry Dr. Ronnie... Don't worry Dr. Ronnie, your fix is in the bag."  And Dr. Ronnie no doubt replied "I know the fix is in the bag... that's why I crashed."
Ah... well these flights into reality are simply too disturbing.  Shall we head back into something less... real?
To go with my new shoes, I bought myself some new socks.  Riding Socks.  Brightly colored!  ooohhhhh.....

They arrived yesterday while I was at work.  Holy Crap!  I couldn't wait to slip my little tootsies into them.  They're supposed to help wick away sweat.  You know?  I'll bet if Dr. Ronnie had been wearing socks like these he probably wouldn't have crashed.  Hell, he wouldn't even have been driving a car.  No way.  He'd have been too busy trying to focus his dilated pupils on the pretty colors decorating his feet, watching as he slowly twisted his toes from side to side, too awestruck to do anything but drool.

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