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Friday, April 6, 2018


Friday, and I have a day off, though someone didn't tell the dogs.  Nope.  They were wide awake at their normal time.  You see, every day is a day off for them.  Nice, right?  Today, however, is not like any other Friday.  The Carhartt guys are back to finish the roof across the street.  Excitement rules!  Strangers!  In bib overalls, no less.  As soon as the over-sized pickup truck showed up Seig and Lily were out barking up a storm, warning the whole neighborhood about the persons unknown present.  If those roofers were smart, they'd just walk over and give the dogs a couple of biscuits.  They bribe easily.
Tomorrow we start our "Spring Black Friday" sale.  And it's supposed to rain.  Starting tonight and into tomorrow, with a dusting of snow, the weather is not going to be very spring - like.  This happens every year.  The idea is to capitalize on the 'Black Friday' theme, which just happens to be today, but the weather always hands us a plate of shit.  How successful will this sale be?  Middling.  We never quite hit expectations, mostly because Black Friday in November preps for Christmas and people buy all sorts of junk intended to be presents.  That holiday doesn't happen in the summer.  A majority of people don't see the importance is seasonal landscaping.
Anyway, I have to go to the supermarket today.  Seig and Lily ate the last of the dry Beneful this morning.  Time to get another big, big bag.
Hopefully I'll get a ride in this afternoon.
Oh, and the stock market's dropping again.  Am I the only one who's noticing a pattern here?  The Idiot Jerk mentions Trade War and the Dow falls.  You get 2 -3 days of recovery, and then the Idiot Jerk farts out something stupid about Trade Wars, and tariffs, and the markets drop more than they gained...  Does anybody think the Idiot Jerk cares?  Absolutely not.
And what about Scott Pruitt?  He's one of those Crazy Christian attorneys who's moved out of reality.  I don't doubt that he believes everything that goes in his favor is a blessing.  Like a room in an expensive condo, owned by the wife of a favored lobbyist, for on $50 a day.  However it seems that on the lease the name of the lobbyist's name was scratched out and his wife's name was inserted.  Oh, and it seems that one of Scott's kids was staying there as well, in another room, that wasn't covered in the lease.  And there's the bit about his favored assistant, a blonde named Ms Davis, who suddenly quit.  That shouldn't have come as a surprise since she evidently didn't show up for work for almost 3 months.  She must have thought she was really Blessed.  I did think it was funny when one of Pruitt's supporters said all this negativity was because Pruitt was one of the most successful Cabinet members.  Nope, more likely this Crazy Christian is ethically challenged.
Anyway. my challenge today is to complete several chores - one of them is supposed to be yard work, and it's a shitty, drizzly day outside.  Should I have expected more?  Nope, this is spring in Central Pennsylvania.



  1. pruitt - what a muthafucka! thinks he's gawd almighty he does!

    1. That's a problem with these Crazy Christians, they simply don't understand their failure to be remotely human.