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Tuesday, April 3, 2018


So, what does the magic number 14 represent?  The number of months left in the Idiot Jerk's presidency?  Possibly.  Or, could I have ridden 14 miles on my bicycle this AM - well, no, though I did start some endurance training.  Could I have 14 yellow rosebuds?  Nope, not yet, though all 6 bushes are flush with spring foliage.  How about dog toys?  Might I have picked up 14 dog toys and carried them downstairs to their toy box?  Yeah, that sounds about right.  Over the period of 2 days they brought 14 of their toys upstairs and left them lay:  on the bedroom floor, on the weight room floor, down the hallway and... at the top of the stairs.  And, of course, this morning while I'm making a pot of coffee, Lilly wants to play... however, all of their toys are upstairs.  Surprise.
I thought this tidbit of information in Bloomberg was interesting.  Evidently the beginning of the 2nd quarter was the worst since the Great Depression.  Eeh Gads!  This is not a good thing.
Another funny thing is how the Idiot Jerk is going after Amazon - he hates Jeff Bezos.  You see, the Idiot Jerk feels everybody should kiss his ass, and Jeff is say "I ain't getting with a mile of that stinky thing."  The fact that Amazon, through its distribution centers, through it's use of FEDEX, UPS, and the United States Postal Service, keeps millions of people employed means absolutely nothing to the Idiot Jerk.  All he cares about is having his ass kissed.  Oh, ad he wants Putin to like him... a lot.
That was anther funny, wasn't it?  The Invitation.  Don't you like the way their trying to spin it?  Moscow misunderstood the phone call.  Bullshit.
Anyway, I have 3 more work days and then I'm off for a day.  Split days off, I hate that. 
That and living in bunny hell.  There are bunnies all over the neighborhood.  If the dogs could, they'd grab each individual bunny and shake the shit out of it.... unfortunately for them, the bunnies are all outside of the fence.  And those little bastards can be such a tease, shaking their little bunny tails at Seig and Lilly.  You know they're taunting "wouldn't you like to take a big bite out of this?"

I wonder.... if I took the fence down, how long would it take the dogs to get 14 bunnies?


  1. BUNNEHS! wish I had some...but mister fox takes care of them. :(

  2. Bezos has more money than _____ and he hates that!

  3. You can say that again, and again, and again