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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Shuffle into this

Well, what a day we had yesterday.  I ordered my new cycling shoes.  I'm going with a Giro Savix rather than the Louis Garneau because... I am not the most symmetrical person in the world.  Symmetrics are very important in things like body building (you don't want your left side bigger than your right side).  They're also important in cycling shoes.  Unlike regular shoes, the soles are stiff rather than flexible.  Like many people, my feet are not the same size.  My left foot is longer, and my right foot is wider, so you could, should you want to, say that I'm long and wide.  To accommodate the wider foot, I ended up going with a longer shoe size and rather than use Velcro fasteners there's one strap and strings (with a dial).  The dial is becoming very popular since... I am not alone.  They had black or white in stock... and I wanted something with a little pizzazz, so I ordered these:

Can we talk snazz here?
And then later in the afternoon the news broke about Cohen's other client... the one who's name had been shrouded in mystery.  And I started laughing.  I mean, really laughing out loud.  The 3 clients Cohen worked for last year were.... the Idiot Jerk in the White House, a republican fundraiser named Briody, and... Sean Hannity.  Cohen only works for scumbags.  And of course the Internet is going zippidy doo dah.  When Alan Dershowitz told the Idiot Jerk's attack dog Hannity he should have made that fact public, the Faux News scumbag shuffled into a little "I'm entitled to privacy" dance.  What makes this really funny is that Dershowitz is an ally of the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  Hannity said it was a small matter... somehow I doubt if Cohen fixed a couple of parking tickets for him.  It was rather obvious Sean wasn't wearing a pair of Giro Savix shoes, otherwise he'd have fallen  flat on his ass when he tried shuffling into his phony little two step, as it was, all he did was continue to lie.


  1. wonder when han-ranty's advertisers are gonna drop him like a hot potato?

    1. I was wondering that, too since he's evidently compromised.