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Wednesday, April 4, 2018


Well, it's Wednesday, which is kind of... but not really, my hump day.  I'm off Friday, but then I have to work on Saturday... and then I'm off Sunday and Monday.  Friday I need to gather up and brown bag the sticks, twigs, and small branches, also known as 'yard clean-up' because on Saturday the township sends a truck around to pick it up.  They'll do this the first Saturday of every month until October.  Now, ain't that sweet?
I saw where China has put on their trade war gloves.  Supposedly there is a 60 day wait period before the actual fight begins.  Who will cave first?  My money says the Idiot Jerk in the White House.  The Chinese people will be forced to endure.  The American people, however, will soon start chanting "Lock Him Up!"  There will be a thunderous stampede of feet to the voting booths as the blue wave rises to immense proportions.
Evidently there was a big, blue surge in Wisconsin because whining Scott Walker is... well, whining.  Funny thing is that when you read the article he obviously is more concerned about his own political ass than anything else.  When he said "they will target me," I burst out laughing.  He's always been a selfish conservative scumbag.
This morning was free weight day. I did 28 sets of 314 reps and the total weight lifted was 6014 pounds.  My arms and shoulders are swelled.
This morning I also moved my 401K earnings to someplace safe.  I do this every year since the great recession.  I lost retirement savings then, and even though my 401K did recover, there's no getting back those dollars that disappeared.  It's much better to be safe rather than sorry.  This is especially important now that we have an Idiot Jerk in the White House.  While he might brag about the stock market going up, he won't say a damn thing when it drops.  There's no way to milk praise when the Dow goes down.  Remember, this is a fool who's filed for bankruptcy 4 times.