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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Rack This

Well, here it is... Saturday, and I get to go to work.  As I'd said earlier, this is the beginning of our Spring Black Friday Event...  This is also the first Saturday so we'll be hosting the Kid's Workshop, and looking out the window right now, I see we have snow showers.  This is going to be a fun day... well, maybe not.  Hopefully it will pass quickly.  I'm off for the next 2 days, and that will be great.
Did some weight training this AM.  Felt good.
And yesterday I rode 10 miles... inside.  The weather was supposed to be crappy,
Today is also the first day of the Township picks up yard waste - my big Home Depot brown bags filled with sticks, and twigs just got picked up.  That's nice.
I saw where Steve Mnuchin, you know the Idiot Jerk lackey with the expensive trophy wife, said he's "cautiously optimistic" regarding the possibility of a trade war.  Using the word 'cautiously' should give you a reason to worry... a lot.  Especially since this is coming from a guy who made most of his fortune buying up stock after the "W" Recession.  Oh, and that horses ass Larry Kudlow says that there are all sorts of back door talks being held with China to avoid a Trade War.  This guy has always been a numb nuts.  Saying there are "back door talks" is like being "cautiously optimistic."  The Chinese people will suffer through a Trade War if their government feels they can win it.  Americans don't like to suffer.  If things go south for the American Economy, the country will seek vengeance on that group who put the Idiot Jerk in the White House.
Anyway, I need to pick up some things from the store before I leave this evening.  Peony racks for one.  They are large, wire grills that keep your flowers from drooping down to the ground.


  1. We are to have rain and snow showers today, but nothing as of yet. Which is nice because all the grounds landscapers are here currently doing a spring yard clean.....very nice looking men.......

  2. rut row, maddie's getting her jollies looking at all the very nice looking men...

    it's a semi-lazy day at my house. spouse works 1/2 day; I have done house chores. a nap is on the agenda for the afternoon.

  3. We have rain, it's Carlos' birthday, and HE gave ME a head cold.


    1. yikes. I might need glasses. I read that as Carlos gave you head! LOL!!!!

    2. @maddie - SO DID I! dirty minds think alike! ;-b