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Monday, April 2, 2018

Ready Player One, & other stuff

Okay, so I got up this morning to snowfall.  Not much.  Two inches, maybe, and while 2 inches of snow doesn't phase me, I suspect the Idiot Jerk in the White House would be pleased to brag about have 2".
I had planned on riding about 10 miles this AM but my legs are a bit sore.  Squats were on the agenda yesterday - 40 pounds of dumbbells.  Now I'm contending with a wee bit of ache in the quads.  The glutes are fine, firm and supple as ever.  A bit of pain is, however, an after effect of squats.  The stiffness is a good indicator the leg workout was effective.  Micro-tears in the muscle fibers are not bad.  As the cells repair themselves, they will be stronger which is what we want to happen.  They will grow more cells to act as a reinforcement, this is also good.  No one said that building muscle was easy.
And I went to see "Ready Player One," last evening.  I liked it.  Not only a film about gaming, this is a celebration about Pop Culture, about trends that come and go, about popularity that last long enough to create an icon.  Welcome to Trivia mecca.  This is also a movie about people who learn that the "real world is... real."  Depicting the bad side of big business, detailing how if not held in check, corporations will continue to grow and dominate and control "Ready Player One" is about greed and power.  Gaming personas fall apart as people grow beyond their avatars.  And finally, if you like your nostalgia over the top, this is the movie for you - make sure you see it on a big screen!

Oh, and I saw this AM that China has started announcing tariffs on American products... Hello, Trade War.
Here's a pic of the snow this AM, taken from my front porch looking back the side of the house.

Not surprisingly for this time of year, it's melting faster than the Idiot Jerk's ass on a Trade War Hotplate.