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Monday, March 5, 2018

The Shape of things to come

The new ceiling fan was mounted in the dining room yesterday.  Hanging it was fairly simple.  Attaching  the fan blades?  That was a pain in my ass, and took quite a bit of time:  you need to hold them in place with one hand and start the screws with the other... and of course you're doing this while standing on a ladder.  Now that it's up, I'm pleased.  The fan blades lift up when they spin.  At medium speed they raise a little over halfway and it does look like an opening tulip.
Last night Big Seig and I watched the Oscars... well, mostly he slept on the sofa.  Lilly went up to be early.  I thought they were entertaining.  I did think that the song "This is Me," from The Greatest Showman was better than the one from Coco.  I also would have liked to have seen Sally Hawkins take home the award, however, I pretty much knew that Frances McDormand had a lock on the Best Actress category. 
I was pleased to see The Shape of Water take home the highest honor.  For most of the Academy's 90 years, only dramas won Best Picture... and musicals.  Fantasies were frowned upon.  Romance between races (read black and white) were almost taboo.  Before Sidney Poitier won his Oscar for In the Heat of the Night, he made a drama... a little thing called "A Patch of Blue," in which he fell in love with a white girl... who just happened to be blind.  And she needed to be blind, you know, she couldn't see his skin color because that would imply things.  The Shape of Water takes A Patch of Blue and turns it upside down.

The Shape of Water is the shape of things to come.  This is how life happens.  We grow.  We understand.  We include. 


  1. didn't watch don't care. but let's see pix of the ceiling fan, closed and open, please. and some puppy pix too.

  2. I too was glad to see the Shape of Water, win. It always seems to be a feel good movie and some movie with a huge depressing message or historical period win. This one definitely broke the mold.