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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Lack of substance

Well, it looks like the weekend is here.  How do I know?  The Idiot Jerk in the White House flew down to Florida for a game or two of golf.  I, myself, have to work today, of course I do have tomorrow off.  For the next three weeks they have me scheduled 40 hours each week.  Sorry, but this is spring and there's things I need to do, so I've started requesting one vacation day per week; 32 hours per week is fine for me.
I have this new bike, you know, that I want to ride outside, in the sunshine, over hill and Dale...  well, maybe not Dale, I don't know anyone by that name.
One of the many things I need to do is plant the new Itoh peonies I bought.

That's right, they're yellow.  My garden seems to be filling up with roses and peonies, which is fine with me.  Oh, and tulips and daffodils - I've got a boat load of each blooming every year.  There's also wisteria around the front porch which I'm probably going to rip out, and a holly bush down at the end of the sidewalk in need of some very serious trimming. 
And didn't the Stock Market like... well, tank yesterday?  Bloomberg has called it a horror week.  Oops.  But then what more could you expect from the Idiot Jerk.  He has lost several fortunes because of his flawed business principles.  His ethics are geared towards his personal greed.  For whom will a Trade War be most beneficial?  The country... or the Idiot Jerk.  What you really need to do is examine who's going to come out better financially.  Oh, and also keep in mind the Idiot Jerk has no sincere concern for the average American.  They are little more than fodder.
Time is running out and that Crazy Conservative group of minorities is totally clueless.  They've fudged the numbers so many times their fiction is now their preference.  Fiction is not solid.  Flexible words are easy to spin when they have little weight, or substance to ground them.


  1. the dump made the stock market tank with his trade war with china. the dump also got outta DC cause the kids are marching today (march for our lives).

    1. I know that's why he left. The sounds of all those children's voices calling him a fuck wad must really burn his ego.

  2. I don't have any money but I do have some shares (think you call them stock). No I don't have any money or shares....