I've also been told I have little tact, so if this offends you simply ride on.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018


Today is Tuesday, March 27, any my deluxe edition of Far Cry 5 has downloaded into my Xbox One.  I also get to work today - one of those little things I still need to do.
So, would you like to take on the Alt-Right?  That's what you get to do in Far Cry 5 after an Alt-Right Crazy Christian group takes over Hope County, Montana.  Can you think of anything that might be more dear to a Liberal's heart?  Of course, this is all fiction, a video game, and those on the Right don't like it one bit.  They look bad, but then most people know they are bad.  I'm the one with the beard, of course.  Facial hair, you know?

Oh, and that's not Big Seig with the hunting rifle in his mouth, Seig's more interested in farting pigs.
I guess a lot of people are taking abut Stormy's 60 Minute interview... not me.  I'm glad she's fighting back, but the last thing I want to hear about is the Idiot Jerk in the Missionary position.  Let's be honest here, she didn't have sex with him because he was attractive, rather, she was expecting some sort of reimbursement.  He's been paying to have sex for years because... well, that's the only way he can get it.  Now, I'm going to have to change the subject before I vomit up my morning toquitos.
Free weights were on the agenda this AM.  I did a total of 340 reps, total poundage lifted was 6417.  This is all being done with 12, 15, 20, and 25 pound dumbbells.  I like them better than using the bar.  They take up a lot less space.  Right now my shoulders and arms are really swelled.  When I look in the mirror I have to laugh.  Who ever would thought that my having muscles could be funny.


  1. I, too, don't wanna know about Stormy _____-y.

  2. "that's the only way he can get it" - I don't care if the orange fucknugget offered me $10M, fucking that micropenis is NOT my idea of fun PLUS he's not a hairy bear!

  3. Just wondering if you have heard about the moth:

    1. No I hadn't, but started to wonder, does it have a Twitter account?