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Friday, March 9, 2018

Big Sexy Hair

Friday! After today I'll only have 4 more days of work.  The store was relatively dead yesterday, which is surprising since this is the time of year when things begin to pick up.  Things were busier 3 weeks ago when there was all the chat about the temporary tax break the middle class was going to be getting.  I guess people started realizing that most are not going to be getting lottsa extra cash in their pay checks.
And I read an interesting article this before my morning bike ride.  The truth is America has a serious problem with slackers, not in regard to work, rather in fitness.  We are constantly being reminded... and warned, about getting fatter.  Doing less physically directly relates to aging, and the issues you, as an individual will have to deal with as you get older, and older.  Your muscles are yours to lose.  Does anybody really want to be old and frail?
Anyway, the tariffs are now a done deal.  However, if you start drilling into their wordage it doesn't take long to realize they're fairly superficial.  There are all sots of little loopholes, similar to the ones the rich are getting with their Tax Cut, which let American companies import aluminum and steel with little or now tariff.  Evidently exclusions are abundant.  Stop worrying about not being able to buy your Big Sexy Hairspray, you see, there's a work around, or an exclusion, or an exemption, what ever you want to call it.

And that exclusion is... are you ready for this?... National Defense.  The attorneys for American Aluminum Can (yes there is such a group) are hard at work.  And it's not just hair spray, these guys worry about soft drink, and beer... and, well anything that comes in an aluminum can.  And all of these products are essential for National Defense.  So, I'm wondering, how toothless are these tariffs going to be.  I'm betting the pompous turd in the White House used yesterday's signing ceremony just to fart a little pleasure towards his base.
Oh, and yesterday the Idiot Jerk had something else on his agenda.  He gathered a number of people together to discuss how violent video games create mass shooters.   Except this turned out to be closed door session.  And no one seems to be talking about what was said.  That rag for brain dead conservatives, The Drudge Report, failed to even hint such a meeting was happening.  I suspect this is because most of those involved with Drudge play video games and understand this is a generational issue, popular only with aging, non-gamers, you know?  Like the Idiot Jerk.
And why use Big Sexy Hair?  I wouldn't be surprised if that were the spray of choice for the failed president in the White House.


  1. "just to fart a little pleasure towards his base" - I imagine it would smell like rotting big macs!

    1. I don't know, like most bottom dwellers his diet must consist mainly of garbage.