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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

The Fan... the Birds... and Shooting Wieners

Ah, Tuesday.  I could really get used to working 32 hours a week, unfortunately we're beginning to move into our busy season, which means I'll be getting scheduled the requisite 40 hours of a full time associate.
Today's garbage day.  Yesterday I'd taken out the old ceiling fan and set it along the curb to be picked up this AM.  Well, it did get picked up.  Someone took the fan motor, but broke off the fan blades and left them behind.  This is life.
Anne Marie wanted to see pics of the new fan, so here it is:

And just think, it spins.

Looks like a jewel, doesn't it?

And it puts out a nice breeze

And at medium speed the blades open, the way a tulip blooms.  I will admit that I have thought tipping the petals with a little, color might add a bit of pizzazz.
Yesterday, as well, the birds came to town.... turkey buzzards.  We have a lot of them around here, and they are very big - probably 18 inches tall when standing up.  When I saw one sitting on the garage roof next door, I grabbed my camera and headed outside.  And, of course, the dogs went along to bark.

Lily Flies
As you can see by the shadows, all 4 of Lily's feet were off the ground.
And, finally, I have to say that I like Armie Hammer, in spite of his name.  He's a handsome man who for years has been trying to prove he can act.  Wisely, he got himself cast in a gay coming of age film and set the critics buzzing.  So, how does Armie celebrate?  Wear a red velvet tuxedo to the Oscar ceremony and run around with a hot dog cannon.

shooting wieners

Gimme a break... what's not to like?


  1. ooooooooooooooh, that IS pretty! and it "puts out"; how nice of that fan!

    we have had more than our share of turkey buzzards this winter. they have been hanging out at a local middle school.

    I wish armie hammer was "putting out"...WITH ME!

    1. Mitch McConnell's hanging around your middle school?

      And I'm not sure if Armie puts out... at least not in the way you're intending