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Friday, March 2, 2018

Moving stuff

So, what did I do yesterday since I called off from work?  Well, moved some stuff around.  A dresser that was in the walk-in closet got moved into the cycling / weight / computer room.  Almost everything that had been inside it is now in the trash:  Christmas cards, wrapping paper, ribbons among other things.
Biggie and the dresser

Weather wise, outside we have high winds and heavy snow - a N'or East'r is blowing past.  There might be some wind damage, branches down and the like, but nothing really to worry about in the area of the state.
There was this little article in Bloomberg regarding gun sales, and how they are tanking across the country.  Evidently good gun sales require a Democrat in the White House.  I doubt very much this is what they, and the NRA, anticipated.  Not one bit.  You see in their piss poor logic, the easier it is to buy a gun, the more people will buy them.  The fact that vast numbers of people see gun ownership as pointless has never even occurred to them.  They thought that with the Idiot Jerk in the White House, Oprah would want to weaponize the housewives of America.  You know?  "And you got a gun, and you got a gun, and you got a gun."  That ain't going to happen.
And what about Wall Street?  Did the stock market drop or what?  Brother, you ain't seen nothing yet.  Evidently the Idiot Jerk says that trade wars are good for the economy and easy to win....  This is from the loser who's had to declare bankruptcy 4 times.  I suspect there's going to be another drop in his approval rating, which is not the direction he wants it to move.

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  1. and with steel/aluminum plants closed and employees laid off here, where are builders going to purchase those items? dump don't think!