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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Out for Delivery - Health Care Fail

So, my new Garmin scale is out for delivery, it should be sitting on my porch when I get home from work this evening - then I'll have to set it up and climb aboard.

Harrisburg, PA, United States06/29/20173:36 A.M.Out For Delivery
06/29/20171:06 A.M.Arrival Scan
Louisville, KY, United States06/28/20172:29 P.M.Departure Scan
Charleston, TN, United States06/27/201711:46 P.M.Origin Scan
United States06/27/201711:55 P.M. (ET)Order Processed: Ready for UPS

Something else that's most likely not going to be 'out for delivery' is the GOP Health Care turd that some aging white guys put together hoping that a lot of other white guys would vote it into existence.  Wrong.  And, if you spend a little time thinking about how terrible this piece of legislature truly is, you will realize that it was destined to become a failure.  Oh, wait, now they're talking about reaching "across the aisle."  Duh.  The real problem with this Conservative piece of garbage is that it's not meant to fix anything, the motivation behind it is purely political on so many levels.  Take McTuttle:  His constituents see him as being a damn good Conservative.  They see him as doing what he said he would... it's those goddamn moderates and centrists of the party that are screwing up his agenda, which is exactly what McTuttle wants, that and to be re-elected.  He can be as conservative as they want because he knows this horseshit will never make it to the Idiot's desk.  
Republicans have been playing this game for a long time, this political variation of bait and switch, and they all do it.  They pander to their base with proposed tax cuts that know will never, ever happen, and it's always... somebody else's fault.  They come up with a Healthcare plan that would force their constituents to eat shit sandwiches if it was ever passed because McTuttle, and Toomey from PA. and Rand Paul, and the rest of their ilk know it will die.  This means their constituents will never have to deal with the conservative hell.  This is how Republican politics works.

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