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Saturday, July 1, 2017

Of slugs and Greed. American Style

Okay, so here it is Saturday and, of course, I get to work.  In fact, I get to work for the next 6 days - then I get 2 consecutive days off, and after that I get to work for 7 days straight.  This is the hell of working in retail.  At least I now have a fixed shift, and no more overnight shifts.
Yesterday was a day off for me and I was surprised at how much I actually accomplished.  Big Seig and I planted a white rose bush in the back yard (it was too warm for Lily, who spent that time sleeping on the sofa).  Went to see my Mom.  Did the 2nd coat of paint on the inside of my kitchen cabinets.  Had breakfast with my brother and... still managed to get in another 47 minutes of heavy duty cardio.  Oh, and I used the new Garmin scale yesterday - there's a .5 pound difference between it and the Worthings scale, no big deal.
I got my bill from Microsoft for next year's subscription of Office... remember when you could buy the software?  They don't do that anymore, they like to charge you a yearly subscription fee, they make more money that way.  Hello, American Capitalism.  Don't it suck?  There was a time when the American Dream stood for something, before greed perverted it into something dark and sinister.  A large part of the blame goes to TV Evangelism where financially successful Christians were paraded around like golden idols.  They interbred financial success with religion, the bastard child of which we call Social Conservatism.  Everything is about "my money," and "my taxes,' and not about compassion.  They care about humanity as long as humanity does what they say, which is why the sorry finger is pointing at them.
The driving force behind that little tirade is the ACA.  There are 2 reasons the Republicans hate the ACA:  the legislation was done under a black president, and it involves their taxes... well, not the taxes of the majority, the taxes of a minority, the wealthy, the rich, the Idiots of the United States.  However the message the wealthy are sending out is not "my taxes," rather they are incorporating the greed of all Republicans.  The ACA is using "our taxes," this is a waste of "our money."  What horseshit.
Anyway, today is supposed to be a 'rest day' for me, no cardio, no free weights, no strength equipment, but I am thinking I might sneak in a little ab work, you know, to keep me from feeling too much like a slug.

Besides, I have absolutely no idea where I'd get a lettuce leaf that big.

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