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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Suunto vs Garmin as Idiocy increases.

So, I called Suunto to find out if their is compatible with the Galaxy S8 - their response was "no problem," in fact, after doing a just a little research it seems that only Garmin is having problems with connectivity, and those companies that had issues have corrected them already.  hhhm, is did I make a mistake and buy an expensive bauble for my wrist?  I guess the more important question is will I make an investment in a Sport Watch which actually does what it says it does?  I went with the Fenix 3 HR because of years of good experience with Garmin, however prior to my last Forerunner, I'd owned a Suunto Volcano, which did everything it promised.  The apps used by the Fenix need to be purchased, those by the Spartan don't.  The Spartan is hand made in Finland and I liked pickled herring.  Garmin's are American owned but manufactured in... China.  I can afford switching to Suunto, I'm just not wild about the color blue.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Idiot in the White House says he's going to let the ACA implode, or explode, or what verb happens to be sitting on the tip of his tongue.  This is funny, because neither of those 2 things is happening.  And evidently he had a more private tête-à-tête with his Crush Boy Vlad.  Scrumptious, right?  And without a translator - must have been talking the language of love... oh, wait, Melanoma was with them, wasn't she?  And she speaks Slovakian or Russian, or... well, what ever.
What makes the past  couple of days even lovelier is that rather than blame the Idiot in the White House for the healthcare failure, Conservatives are blaming their Republican Senators.  Delicious, right?  Grab your bibs and napkins, we're all about to witness a GOP Piranha Feeding Frenzy!

"Yo, Mitch!  They're looking at you bud with chompers on the ready!"


  1. I LOVE infighting amongst the GOPricks! the private meeting between dump and putrid included long slow dick-sucking (dump to putrid).

    1. So, what was Melanoma doing? Holding the Camera?