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Monday, July 17, 2017

Sweat Storm

So, here it is... Monday, not the first day of my work week since I started back yesterday.
My cardio this AM was anything but optimal...most likely due to a couple of things, the most important being that I chose music that didn't have the right beat.  Music is very important, for the first note of the first song is what sets the tone, and, unfortunately it was an old Fall Out Boy album that I tuned in and the first song eased into an oozing repetition, not what I needed.   Another thing was my phone - the S8 has a Health App that actually has an elliptical tracker, so this AM I chose to use it... bad choice, every 5 minutes this female elevator voice whispered my total time and calories burned into my ear.  Last time that App gets used.  Even still, I managed to get the ticker going fast enough to turn myself into a sweat storm.

Aftermath of sweat
And I'm also having a little war with Garmin right now.  Back in February I bought myself their Fenix 3 HR and all was right with the world, until I bought my S8.  Connectivity disappeared instantly which means all of the bells and whistles I paid for no longer work.  So I've been complaining.  Other sport watches have updated their software, Garmin still has yet to do so.  On last Friday's email they told me that it takes "extensive testing with a new phone" before they release an update, to which I listed some of their competitors who had already completed their testing and released an update.  
I saw that Ann Coulter had started some sort of Tweet War with Delta.  Ann Coulter... what can I say, every time I see her I think of Elton John's song "Dirty Little Girl."  
Oh, and the Idiot in the White House was golfing again this weekend, or maybe he was just at golf tournament.  Now, I've never been a golf enthusiast.  In fact, I've always thought of it as one of those pretentious sports because it's expensive, and because people who play it, like the Idiot, seem to think that they're special.  Let's be honest here.  How many of you watch the Golf Channel.  Yep, there is one.  And if you've ever watched a tournament you know the commentator always talks in a low, quiet voice since a normal voice might ruin the golfer's concentration.  Give me a break!



  1. ms. horseface bitched cause delta asked her to move. next time, put the beast into the cargo hold!

    "golf is a good walk spoiled" - an old quote. golf is for rich white boys with nothing better to do.

    the dump was in NJ because the women's open was being held at his golf course. I wonder how many pussies he tried to grab? and how ironic that the top finisher and 3 others in the top 5 are Korean? BOOM!

    1. Golf sucks, I'd say the same about Coulter but some might consider that too much of a compliment.

  2. I never could stand the that show Mister Ed, oh, I meant Ann Coulter.

    1. You mean the peroxide blonde who practiced voter fraud?