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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Everything shall be revealed

So, I bought myself some Baleaf running / jogging / workout shorts - green, one of my favorite colors.  They are supposed to "wick" away your sweat in a superior fashion.  Wick seems to be the word of the day when it comes to exercise clothing meaning it soaks up your sweat really fast... right.  The truth is everything I wear when doing cardio or going to PF soaks up my sweat fast, in fact, many's the time that I end up drenched.  Anyway, they fit well, the fabric is soft, not mesh, I don't like mesh, in fact there is only one issue, when I sweat, when these shorts are wicking away my sweat, everything is revealed.  Very minute details show up and are staged for the world to see.  These are not shorts for the shy and meek of heart.  These are shorts for those who like to stand tall and proud and wave and say "hi there, look at me."
This guy is either tucked or tiny
And yesterday the Idiot in the White House declared that there was no place for transgendered people in the military and people were stunned.  Well, maybe not the Crazy Christians, their hate against everything they disapprove of has been simmering over for years.  This is just one more example of his trying to turn the United States into Little Russia.  If you haven't realized it yet, every time he does this he's spent at least... oh, 5 or 6 minutes asking himself if this is what his friend Putin would do.  He's a two-bit dictator wannabe who would scrap our Constitution in a heartbeat if he could.  This is the reason for all of his Executive Orders.  And while he hasn't started saying, "if you're not for us than your against us," yet, you can be it's coming.  Fortunately for us, he has no clue that he's speaking to a minority crowd or that the curtain is slowly being pulled back and that everyday more and more true Americans are getting a glimpse of the ugly face of the man who has shroud himself with lies for most of his life.
On a side note, I saw that Twitter shares are dropping because they're not attracting more people...  it would surprise me if the Idiot was having a bad effect on that company.  We'll find out, won't we, as everything will be revealed... aren't you glad I don't take selfies at the gym?


  1. "aren't you glad I don't take selfies at the gym?" - that depends, she said with a sly smile.

    1. Believe me... be glad... be very, very glad