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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

What I want for my birthday

So, here it is Wednesday and I get to go back to work after 4 days off.  I get to work 6 days, have 2 days off and then work 6 more days before I begin my 9 day vacation.  I'm not going anywhere - I have plenty to do around the house - summer chores I never got to do, as usual.   But, it is 9 days off, in a row.
I saw that the Clueless Conservatives voted to discuss some sort of health care bill yesterday.  Now, keep in mind this was only a vote on whether to have a discussion, a debate, and Tom Pence needed to put in the tie-breaking vote.  This was about if they should even have a discussion, not over legislation, and he still needed to cast his vote.  Someone needs to read these people the definition of failure... I mean really, he needed to vote just to get a majority, just to get people to talk about the GOP kill switch on the ACA.
Oh, and I also read where some of the remoras sucking on to the Idiot's ass, like Corey Lewandowski, are saying he can do what ever he likes in regards to Sessions, and Mueller... and, he can, and in a way I think he should since it would severely cut back his future days sitting in the Oval Office... drastically.  And if Rex Tillerson resigns?  Oh, baby!  And gets subpoenaed to testify about that 2 and half hour meeting the Idiot had with Putin...  well, that will never happen.  I suspect that if Tillerson does resign he will probably go into hiding somewhere in Patagonia until the Idiot is finally removed.
Finally, I saw the trailer for "Thor - Ragnorak" and have decided that by the time the movie comes out on 11 /3 I want a body like Chris Hemsworth's.  True, I am shorter and a bit more hairy (except for that spot on the top of my head), but those are only minor details.

You know?  Now, wouldn't that be nice birthday present to myself?


  1. I'd take Hemsworth as a gift, too!

    1. It doesn't need to be him, I just want a body like his.

  2. such a gift! (said in a barbra streisand "funny girl" voice)

  3. infighting and cannibalism in the GOP is fun to watch!