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Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Answers for Anne Marie

So, the Three Caballaros were at PF again this AM... and the older gent actually notated something in his stenographer's pad... but only once after he did some bicep curls on a machine and I thought, "poor thing, he's not going to remember that."  Mr. Mustache was there too, though the handlebars were a bit droopy today.
And the GOP Healthcare is DEAD.  And the Idiot is blaming Democrats and a few Republicans... maybe someone should enlighten him because he evidently hasn't realized his part controls both the House and the Senate: they shouldn't need the Democrats, in fact they've been bragging about that fact for some time now, all the while accomplishing nothing.
And Anne Marie asked some questions yesterday, here are my responses.

1.  What deceased person would you like to meet and why?
Heath Ledger, and I'd like to ask him why he couldn't have been more careful.  His was the one celebrity death that broke my heart.

2.  Truth or Dare?
 Truth, always the truth.
3.  What is your creative talent?
Words, I love words.
4.  Clothing - necessary or useless?
That all depends upon whom I looking at... oh, you mean me... well, necessary, who needs growth hormones?
5.  What is the first name of your BFF?
That would be Betsy, and even though she's older than me, I'm her legal guardian since she had her stroke.
Weird/funny question - what is your fave tune that ALWAYS makes you smile?  
"So Long Dearie" from Funny Girl... "it's a little lumpy, but it rings!"

Finally, this morning while I was doing medicine ball crunches on my purple yoga mat Big Seig decided to give my face a bath and licked off my glasses, good thing I didn't have the contacts in, he'd have sucked them off my eyeballs.


  1. I'm currently loving "So Long Dearie" sung by "The Divine Miss M" in the current "Hello Dolly" revival. Bette is knocking it out of the ball park.

    1. Typed Funny Girl, posted, and I'm driving to work when it hits me... dumb ass that I am.