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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Republican Kobayashi Maru

Okay, so I was at the Optometrist this AM - and I had my eyes dilated so right now everything is very, very bright.  As the assistant administered the drops, she said, "oh, you have blue eyes, which means the dilation might last longer."  Yippee.
And what about that Republican Cluster Fuck going on down in DC?  The Idiot in the White House wants a vote on Health Care!  He wants the ACA gone.  He wants Sessions out!  Tillerson wants to resign! (He was there during the Idiot's 2 + hour meeting with Putin and now realizes that the Idiot is Evil Incarnate)!  And if the vote today fails Price is FIRED!  Now I know I didn't get it all, but I think those are some of the juicier bits.  At this point, all those crazy Conservatives who have spewed nothing but hatred towards the Democratic Party and the ACA for year are in a "no win situation."  This is their Kobayashi Maru.  If they give the Idiot what he wants, their political careers, for all intents and purposes, are over, at least for a majority.  If they deny his demand the shit storm that will follow will end their political careers forever, and again at least for the vast majority.  They put themselves in this position, and they will all pay the price.  They have doomed the Republican Party - but that's fine.  Just watch out for flying body parts!
While Big Seig was running around in the yard yesterday and bug of unknown origin stung him over his left eye.  There was a bit of swelling until he scratched it open, giving himself an eye booboo.  It's has pretty much healed over today, but last night?  I was thinking that I'm probably going to have to take him to the Vets today.


  1. infighting and cannibalism in the GOP is fun to watch!

    1. Interesting article in Bloomberg about how the Idiot will get rid of Sessions, than Mueller, and then try and pardon every member of his family... and fail horribly.

  2. Poor Big Seig! Give him a pat from Auntie Rozzie.

    As for the situation in Washington, I am currently sticking my fingers in my ears and la la la-ing my heart out.

  3. such a gift! (said in a barbra streisand "funny girl" voice)