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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Heads Will Roll

So, this AM I was all set to order the Suunto Spartan when I decided to try and pair the Fenix one last time... and it paired.  I checked and Garmin updated their app, now all I have to do is see if this is a good fix, or one that is only temporary.
And on the funny irony side of things, last evening I left a comment on 'I should be Laughng' about the Idiot, and that we should be perhaps a little wary of his Idiocy and then this AM saw on Towleroad that Matt Drudge had Tweeted out something about the Idiot and his continually declining approval ratings, stating "Heads will Roll."  Of course they will, and each one that goes careening into the gutter will be another stake in the Idiot's dismal ratings.  You see, the Idiot's more than a bit confused.  You see in his illogical world, President is a synonym for Dictator; if you're a president you tell people what you want them to do and they do it... or else.  And he's even more pissed because the country isn't even letting him act like he's America's CEO.  Who's going to pay the price?  Everybody.  Sessions is on his shit list, so is Mueller,  and Rod Rosenstein  because "he's from Baltimore," not a lot of Republicans live in Baltimore.
The Idiot in the White House is a Scumbag, and has always been one.  He's a pathological liar.  His compassion for the American people might fill a teaspoon, if America is lucky.  The fact that 32 million people would be affected by a repeal of the ACA doesn't phase him the least.  In fact, the meatloaf he shared with Xi Jinping has more value to him than than the American people.  We are worth less than meatloaf.  He likes his chocolate cake, too, especially when it's been baked and served by legal aliens from Central America.
I truly believe that Matt Drudge, a gay conservative, is right, heads will roll, but that will only make the situation worse for the GOP.  And, in the end, the Idiot and his spawn will move the Moscow suburbs, where they belong.


  1. He just wants to undo everything Obama because .... black man.

  2. I second bob; that's all the GOPricks wanna do.

    1. The Idiot is the death of the Republican Party.