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Monday, June 19, 2017

Bend over Buddy

So, here it is Monday, and after working for one day I have another day off, not that I wasn't at the store.  I had breakfast with my brother at Denny's, which is only about 500 yards from the store, so I dropped in to pick up some air filters for the furnace (Central Air), a red pot for one of my many Aloe  Plants, as well as a rose bush which has since been planted along side the house.
My brother is both a devout Christian and a Republican who voted for the Idiot in the White House.  There is a lot he doesn't understand.  Education is difficult.  I started off with a simple axiom, one every individual having an interest in politics needs to remember:

A popular  president can move the country's political needle towards either the Liberal Left or the Conservative Right.  An unpopular president will always move it in the opposite direction.

This is something politicians totally fail to grasp, especially Conservative Politicians.  Getting a president into the Oval Office through the Electoral College doesn't give a party Carte Blanche to begin forcing a Conservative Agenda on the Nation.  If they want to get a majority of the country behind their politics, they're agenda, they need to improve their Approval Rating.  You can not force a Centrist, or an Independent voter to become Conservative.  When the Democrats are in the White House  their language is geared towards a wide variety of groups, the Republicans always gear their language to a smaller, more narrow minded base.  Where the Democrats ask "what can we do for you?" Republicans say "Shut up, we're in charge."  At least that's the first thing they usually say.  The second command out of their mouths is "Bend over Buddy."  They are only concerned with making their base happy, and no one else.
Will people like my brother ever see things differently?  Most likely not, that would entail re-evaluating his belief system.  He would need to question his very concept of the truth. Ironically enough, my brother has 6 children, Noah's the only Conservative, Nick is non-political, Adam's a Libertarian, Natilie, Gordon, and Jessica, and their respective spouses, are all Liberals.  His family is a great example of my axiom.  This is life.


  1. Replies
    1. A friend of mine used to say that all the times in the bars... he'd see a good looking and say "I'll bet his name is Bob... Bend over Buddy.

  2. 6 kids? your brother needs a new hobby AND a more-enlightened set of beliefs.

  3. I don't think the majority of these _____ supporters will ever see the error of their ways.

    1. Totally agree, to do so would be to understand everything they've been told is a lie.