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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Back to Chris Pine

Well, it's wet Wednesday here in Central PA - cold and rainy, so damp I turned the heat back on, we're only supposed to get up in the mid 60's F both today and tomorrow.
I had off yesterday after working 4 days and the morning was busy.  I'm a morning person so I try and get as much as possible done before noon - at that point I begin to go into my relaxed state, pondering the imponderables, thinking how nice it would be to have a part-time gig on "American Gods," and laughing at the Idiot in the White House.
I did go see "Wonder Woman" last night, really like it.  Chris Pine and Gal Gadot  have a nice chemistry.  There's humor as they get to know each other which juxtaposes very nicely against the seriously dramatic backdrop of World War 1, the War to End All Wars.  The Cruelty of Man and his Gods takes center stage and the message of their love / hate relationship is not always happy.  I will admit I did find a bit of seeing Chris Pine....

actually, quite a bit of Chris Pine.
And, of course, the cluster fuck surrounding the Idiot in the White House just keeps getting messier and messier.  How about that bigot, homophobic Sessions offering to resign?  And that NSA leaker who provided concrete documentation on Russian hacking in regard to last year's election.  Talk about clarification, now, not only does the NSA know how deep Putin's fingers were into the presidential vote, so does the rest of free thinking America.  Notice that I say 'free thinking.'  That's because still quite a few of the Idiot's supporters are still mesmerized by the Idiot's bullshit.  All the while the Republican held House and Senate are working diligently to crystallize some demonstrable hatred for the majority of America; they know their days are numbered.
Enough of this, let's get back to Chris Pine.  Did you know he has this pool scene...


  1. yeah, I'd rather be distracted by a sexy man than listen to the dump's lies ANY DAY!

  2. A dose of Chris Pine never hurts. I hear the movie is very entertaining and very well done. I may have to see it when it comes to On Demand. I know, I know....the big screen is better.

  3. Oh I'm definitely a Pine Nut.

  4. Chris Pine makes me swooooooooooon.

    1. Well, if you go see it make sure you take smelling salts.