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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Outnumbering the Idiots

Here is an interesting article in Brookings regarding these past few elections.  I was pretty much aware that Democrats outnumber Republicans.  My take is that if more Democrats hadn't believed the polls that Hillary was going to win, and had gone out and voted, we wouldn't have the Idiot in the White House.  More racists and haters went out to vote for their Supreme Idiot while a lot of levelheaded, humans paid the price of an assumption.  Even if you think your candidate is a sure shot, go out and vote.  And if you're one of those fools who stayed home because you didn't like either candidate?  Well, look at what's sitting in the Oval Office.
On this side customer service Hell, about a month ago I sold 3 expense roller blinds to a contractor (think $990 plus tax).  While I was on vacation, he returned them, saying that I had ordered the wrong color.  I checked yesterday and... you guessed it, Bali shipped the correct color, a light gray.  Did this contractor re-order them in a darker gray?  That's what you would think he'd do, right?  I mean, we've had customers where the wrong color has been shipped, or the color doesn't work for them, and they always re-order... but not this contractor.  He took his credit.  Was the color off that much?  Most likely not.  What probably happened was that his client looked at the blinds and said "You spent almost $1000 on these!"
The Hoodie Guys were not at the gym this morning, so maybe they don't have a regular workout schedule.  You know, just show up every now and then hoping to, maybe impress people.  And the best App for the gym seems to be something called Gym Timer which costs either $6 or $8, and it's a recurring charge.  Oh, and you have to use PayPal.  I don't use PayPal.  I sent the designers an email telling them this, adding that I only use my Amex or my Visa for Internet purchases.  Their response was that "we're looking into adding other forms of payment."  Translation:  Not in the near future, which means I'm not going to buy it.

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  1. I get discouraged when I try to find intelligent signs of life and come up ass deep in teh stoopid. :(