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Friday, June 9, 2017

Trump & May, losers in arms

So, something funny happened yesterday in the UK - Theresa May and her Conservative Cronies' plans to cement their power ran into a bit of a sledge hammer.  The voting public not only humiliated her, they proved that her approach to Brexit was anything but satisfactory.  I'd like to say she is the female counterpoint to our Idiot in the White House, but I don't know if she's quite that... stupid.  What is it about Conservatives that keeps them from comprehending they need to deal with a majority of the people?  We had James Comey testify yesterday, and even though only the public bit was televised, he made the Idiot in the White House look bad.  And no Republican stood to defend him.  Remember, the general viewing audience got to see a portion of his testimony.  We didn't get to see the real juicy bits, which is probably why no one stood up to defend the Idiot.  They all know now.  As for Theresa May?  Well, she's going to have to bend over and kiss somebody on the ass in order to form a coalition government, which means her party is not going to be calling the shots.
As for the Idiot in the White House?  His supporters are still staying loyal to him, to a certain degree, but as time moves on, they will continue to drift away, once again become silent.  In fact the latest Quinnipac Poll has his approval rating down around 34%... and that was prior to yesterday's smack back by Comey.  I'm sure that future polls will be even lower.  The GOP isn't running scared yet, but they don't seem inclined to put their wagons in a defensive circle around the Idiot.  This is life when you're a loser.


  1. LOSERS! WEAKLINGS! IDIOTS! bwhahahahahahahaha!

    1. They are in the first of the 5 stages of death... denial.