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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Failure of Megyn Kelly & Tax Cuts

So, I see Megyn Kelly has an interview coming up on Father's Day... ho, ho, ho, and lots of people are upset because her subject is none other than Alex Jones, performance artist and conspiracy theorist extraordinaire.  I don't see why they're upset, I mean, no one ever said she was astute, or smart, or intelligent.  Her interview with Putin was panned by everybody except, perhaps, the Idiot in the White House, because the questions she asked were mousy, intending to reveal absolutely nothing.  She gave him a stage on which he got to show America that he wasn't at all a dictator who had corrupted the Russian Constitution in order to stay in power for 17 years.  There were no questions about opposition party candidates disappearing, or being jailed, or even assassinated.  In fact, I was surprised she didn't try and get him to say, "don't worry, be happy," in English for a 2nd time.
And now she's going to do the same thing with Alex Jones.  While people don't expect her to eviscerate him, they would like to see him bleed a little truth... and that's never going to happen.  He's going to survive unscathed because no pointed questions will be asked.  She's not going to try and pin him down or pry open his phoniness.  That's not her game.  If you watch, you're going to see a cookies and milk interview and nothing more.  You see, for Megyn Kelly the truth isn't in the details, it never has been.  For her, truth comes in the size of her paycheck.
And then there was this interesting article about the failure of Tax Cuts.  One of the major planks of Conservative philosophy is that tax breaks grow the economy.  Trickle down, you know?  Except they never work... ever.  Companies and people don't reinvest, they bank the breaks and cuts and call it profit.  A large percentage goes into bonuses because it's considered revenue.  Of course, don't tell a conservative that, they'll call you a liar.  Conservatives love their tax cuts, of course, they also like Megyn Kelly, most likely for the same reason that Roger Ailes liked her.


  1. why the fuck did NBC even hire this bimbo?

    1. I don't think they realized that the only thing she was going to be bringing from Fox was stupid.