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Monday, June 5, 2017

ISIS Failure and Trump's deep state of...

There was a massive turnout for the Ariane Grande concert in remembrance and for the benefit of the Manchester victims and survivors, and I doubt if it got much airplay in those crazy Muslim countries that love their extremism.  Let's be honest here, those 50,000 people said "fuck you. terrorists."  I think that's pretty much the definition of failure.  Sure there is that momentary moment of shock, but than the masses come together and say "fuck you, terrorists."  And just the other day they foisted something on London Bridge and there was that 'holy crap' moment, but 3 terrorists died and since then 12 have been arrested, with more arrests to come.  I'll bet that's not going to make one of their crazy recruitment videos, now is it?  In fact, the only place these crazies seem to be a success is in the Middle East and Africa - very where else they are the poster children for failure.
There was also an interesting article in The Hill this AM about the Deep State - does it exist or is it a fabrication of the Far Right?  Personally, I suspect that there might have always been a bit of a Deep State in existence and most, I again suspect, it worked in conjunction with the White House, not as a separate entity.  Now, however, we have an Idiot in the White House who doesn't like the Intelligence Community, mostly because they realize he's an Idiot, and also because they don't tell him what he wants to hear, oh, and of course, they realize that Russia is not our friend.  Nor has he been on friendly terms with the Joint Chiefs of Staff - and I'd be willing to be those 2 groups are talking to each other.  And I'd also be willing to be that there's a constant stream of piss on Steve Bannon. a loser who no doubt thought that his whispers in the Idiot's ear would reshape the country into is vision.

They are not behind this asshole
Or it could be that the Deep State is nothing more than that cesspool of stupidity in which the Idiot is constantly finding himself - and that's a deep state of shit.