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Saturday, June 10, 2017

Fall Out Boy / another Trumpcapade

I spent 33 minutes on the elliptical this morning with Fall Out Boy - it was a bit crowded, but fun.  Back in 2006 Fall Out Boy looked like this:

Now they look like this:

Needless to say, their music has gone from Pop / Indie to Alternative - this is called maturing.  They have a new album coming out in September - "Maniac" and I'm sure it will be great.
On the 'funny side of life,' I saw that the Idiot in the White House has volunteered to testify before the Senate and be '100%' honest.  Get Out!  Do you have any idea how funny this would be?  I mean, be serious.  This butter head couldn't tell the truth if his political career depended on it.. oh, it would.  Picture it, peppered with hard balls from the Left and lobbed slow pitches from the Right.  Can you even imagine him being put on the spot, and staying seated, not walking out?  Not in the least.  The things that would come out of his mouth.  That would be so great.  Of course, it's all bluster just to keep the Trumplodite hoards in check, he knows it will never happen.
We can only hope!