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Sunday, January 1, 2017

Working New Year's Day

That's right, I get to work today.  This is because there are idiots out there who have nothing better to do with their lives than go shopping at a home improvement store on a Holiday.  Oh, yeah, they'll be there, though not in force.  There are no special sales today.  I can't repeat that often enough.  However, this is something a number of knuckleheads will fail to realize until they are in the store.  The sales are over.  Today is the day people are supposed to begin saving for next Christmas.  I'm not saying nothing is going to be on sale, we always have something on sale, that special deal which keeps repeating over and over again ever few weeks.

They do bring in food for those who are scheduled to work.  Sometimes it's... pizza.  Now, how's that for a holiday meal.  In the past they've also brought in... Subs.  Tasty.  Sometimes they get them from Subway.
Anyway, as you can tell, I'm really, really excited.
Oh, and for those who missed it, DT tweeted out his New Year's message yesterday.  He directed it at his "many enemies."  He is totally clueless, no doubt the result of too much hair dye and spray on tan.  As with most crazy people, he will only get worse, especially when he realizes how many enemies he truly does have.


  1. his enemies are the 66 million of us that voted for a WOMAN president! fuck the orange shitstain!

    1. He is right, he has many, many, many, many, many enemies.

  2. I love an American president speaking about his enemies and as I Tweeted back to him:
    "If you think I'm your enemy, you ain't seen nothing yet!"

  3. Sorry you aren't home with the pups today. I hope that "lunch" will make all seem worthwhile. :)