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Saturday, January 14, 2017

The Specialist

So, yesterday was busy.  I had the day off and filled with all sorts of fun stuff, starting off with a visit to my Orthopedic Specialist at 0730.  Arthritis, you know, but just a check up, no problems.  It is odd when he says the word "degenerative' though.  That means some day everything is going to fall apart.
And then I went to my local Giant grocery shopping.  And after that I drove across Shady Hill Road to interview at my soon to be local Weis Market.  I had applied to be a fish monger but they have other ideas.  The HR Specialist did a little oohing and ahhing when I told him I managed 29 cashiers in the winter but that the number increased to 44 during the spring and summer
While I was bragging about myself, my phone started vibrating with an incoming call.  It was my Store Manager calling to tell me how much money I'd lose when I step down from my management position.  Better than I thought.  I'll get a fixed shift, either 9 - 6 or 10 - 7, both would work well for me.  So, sitting in the parking lot of my soon to be local Weis Market, I said yes.  This means I probably won't take the job at Weis if they make an offer.  And financially my "take home" pay is not going to change.  Right now I have a high percentage going to my 401K, so all I needed to do was drop that deduction by 12%.  And what am I going to be?  A Specialist.

That's right.  I'm going to specialize in flooring... and blinds... and tile.  This means I'm also going to have to learn to drive a forklift.... be afraid.... be very, very much afraid.
Anyway, I had a long conversation with my friend Betsy last evening about the approaching Trumpageddon.  She doesn't understand that starting next Friday things are going to being unraveling for the GOP, or that DT is surrounding himself with people will very shortly be at each other's throats.  You know?  Like Kushner and Bannon, the almost orthodox Jew and the Anti-Semite.  Lot's of harmony there.  
Well, I'm off to work.  Need to study up on my hard woods.


  1. "hard woods" - bwhahahahaha! I've known some hard woods in my 1941 home has hardwood floors throughout.

    make sure you get a driver's license for the forklift! :)

    1. I"ll bet you have. I prefer poplar... with a strong grain and no knots...

  2. My mother lives in your area...I'll tell her to beware of fork lift drivers. As for DT and the next administration.....I'm going to sit back , have some cocktails and watch the imploding, backstabbing, and ensuing chaos unfold. Great new for you on your job status!!!

    1. And implode it will... in graphically detailed slow motion and nothing is going to stop it.