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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Funday??

Well, not quite.  I get to open the store at 0700 so I'm getting ready to jump into the shower - how's that for too much info?
The day will be slow.  Winter time is always very slow for home improvement stores in this neck of the woods (for those who don't know, that's an idiom).  I am going to go see "Rogue One" this evening.  I don't mind going to the movies when they are at near capacity, for some films that's great, however a movie like this which draws massive amounts of kids?   Nah, I'll wait until they've all seen it and then go.
I was wondering if DT is going to have a motorcade from his inauguration to the viewing booth for the parade... I know they've lined up at least one marching band.  If you remember way back, to when W. Bush was inaugurated, there were problems: protesters along the route with signs, people throwing eggs at his limo.  I'm sure someone has mentioned to DT he's going to get the same treatment... well, let's be honest, it'll probably be worse.  If he does choose to take the motorcade. I do hope they take his phone.  I mean, can you imagine the Tweets?  "Bad people throwing eggs.  Bad, Bad People.  Terrible people.  No respect.  Terrible.  Very Bad.  Very Very Bad.  People throwing very bad stuff at my car.  Horrible.  Simply Horrible."

Honestly, it might be rather amusing.


  1. flaming bags of dog shit would be better than wasting eggs!

    no shower pix? I am depressed.

    and semen demons ruin EVERYTHING!

    1. I do like the visual of flaming bags of shit.

    2. bags of shit for a shithead, I always say!