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Thursday, January 26, 2017

No Bad News Trump

So here it is Thursday and I work a mid-shift.  I only have 2 more early mornings left, next Tuesday and Wednesday.  I can't wait for these bad shifts to be over.
I guess that the Idiot in the White House sign more Executive Orders yesterday...  something all Trumplodites love, however the cracks are beginning to appear.  That's right there is dissension  among the ranks.  The opinion at a retreat in Philly is that DT needs to get in sync with the GOP.  Can you hear me laughing?  Don't these yo yo's realize his Trumplodite followers see them as a big part of the Swamp he's supposed to be draining?  Who did they think they were voting for?  A DT version of Howdy Doody?  Of course they did.  When they went into their voting booth those people saw one thing "Republican."  They voted straight party.  No doubt a number of them believed the House and Senate would be able to control their candidate... well, that ain't gonna happen.
And, of course, DT is starting an investigation in the massive voter fraud that kept him  from winning the popular vote, even though everybody except 'his team'  knows that's a lie.  This 70 year old fool doesn't like it when people say he's wrong.  He doesn't like it when people think he's dumb.  He hates it when people think he's wrong.  In fact, to my mind at least, he seems to be a lot Evilene from "The Wiz."  You know?  He don't want no bad news, even though he, himself is...  bad news.

Ah, well, right now, whether you want to believe it not, we're in a bit of waiting game as all of our Dorothy's gather.  There's going to many, many buckets of water thrown at DT and, in the end, I do not doubt, he will be exiled to Russia where Putin will put him to work cleaning toilets.


  1. "Putin will put him to work cleaning toilets" - or sucking his dick.

    1. I don't think Putin will let him suck anything, too afraid of having some of that yellow shit wash off his face.

  2. This water boarding comment made me swoon!
    Trump had shocked me so much in just a few days of being in charge