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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Boarding the Left bound train

Well, it's Saturday, and it's my 2nd day off in a row.  That's right, back to back days off, such a rarity for me.
I had breakfast with my brother yesterday and he told me that he's seriously considering becoming an Independent, after a life long dedication to the GOP.  I suspect some of that has to do with his children.  He has 6, by the way.  One has no interest in politics, one has become a devout Libertarian, and one remains a dedicated Republican.  The other 3 have moved to the left, some of them to the far left, 180 degrees is how he described them to me.  I find this all very interesting.
And, of course, the GOP is beginning to grapple with their problem:  they have a lunatic president who desperately wants to be liked.  He wants to be The Most Popular President of All Time.  However, a majority voted against him and, in fact, if people were given the chance to vote again tomorrow, he'd lose.  He'd be crushed.  As time goes on, as his approval rating fails to rise, and as more and more people take a stand against him, his positions will begin to move to the left.  If he digs in and, as the GOP likes to say, hunkers down, he'll end up tieing 'W' for worst president of all time.  The only way for him to be popular is for him to change his stances.  My money says the ego will win out.  I've already read that the repeal of Obamacare is going to stall, probably for two years.  The excuse is to let it fall apart.  However, in 2 years it's very likely we will have a more Democratic Congress, one much less vocally hostile.
I also put on my artys fartsy hat yesterday and made a lamp... or, maybe you'd want to call it a decoration with some lighting.
Anyway, I had this cut glass punch bowl, and another aquarium stand, and some marble tiles, and I made this:

It looks really sharp when the room is darker.  Nifty, huh?
And on the even brighter side, I've only got 6 more days of dealing with Jane and her sagging parts.


  1. Trump will set a record alright. As the Worst President ever. I love the cut glass punch bowl with the lit branches in them. Calming at night I bet

    1. Evidently leaks abound in DT land and they're not good... like he's clueless. You're so right about it at night... the stones are jade colored.

  2. I could see your art at maddie's casa.

    jane is a stupid bitch.

    1. Jane is stupid, and dumb, and as clueless as the idiot she voted for... that's right... she's a Trumplodite.