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Monday, December 12, 2016

Feather in his Cap

These Republicans do make me laugh.  For years they've been shrieking how they're going to repeal Obamacare.  Now that they managed to get some Russkie Puppet in the White House it turns that they don't have a plan.  You see all they ever really wanted to do was repeal it.  They don't give a rat's ass about the approximately 20 million people on Obamacare.  Why would they?  Most of those people are poor.  Anyway, I saw this in Forbes.  Can you see them spinning in the wind.  It's sort of like they're throwing shit at a fan, you know?   It's all coming back at them.  What else is new ab out the dunderheads.
And it should come as no surprise DT doesn't believe his pal Vlad had anything to do with the 2016 election.  In his mind, Vlad is a strong leader.  Why would a strong leader of a country which has been one of our major enemies for decades do anything to interfere with American Democracy?Perhaps because Vlad knows how easily DT can be manipulated.  He will invited DT to a Russian State Dinner and DT will be all agog, a flutter.  He will change his tuxedo 4 or 5 times because he can't decide which one to wear.  This is how DT's head works.

You see, every time a strong leader pays him a compliment his feels he's is going stronger.  Of course, he's never going to be strong enough to stop producing The Apprentice (if that's the name of his reality show).  In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if DT is secretly hoping to have Vlad as one of his guest stars.  My, now wouldn't that be a feather in his cap.

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  1. the dump is a disgusting waste of DNA. his mother should have gotten an abortion. hillary was elected by the people, not this bullshit freak!