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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Collar this

So, I went to the doctor yesterday and she changed my BP meds - to Lisinopril... and I've noticed a difference already.  No more headachey feelings.  There still seems to be something cooking in the mid-regions but I'm sure that too shall pass.
And, like just about everybody else out there, I watched that video of DT and K West; phony publicity which went beyond the point of being bizarre.  Didn't it look like DT had his devilish black contacts in?  His glances were all calculated to make sure he was blocked right for as many cameras as possible.  And then West did this little puppet thing.  The whole thing looked wrong, and totally purposeless.  I suspect this will be a pattern which will become all too common.
And I have no doubt DT picked Rick Perry for Energy because he's from Texas, oil country, black gold, Texas T... oh, wait, that's part of the theme song from The Beverly Hillbillies and that can't be right.   There must be some reason he chose Perry.  Perhaps K. West told him it was a good choice.
And finally, all the Christmas toys I got for the dogs have arrived, including these:

New collars.  They get a new, different color collar every year.  This year they're reflective yellow.  Sharp, huh?  Big Seig's in on the left, his fits extra large dogs, with necks up to 27 inches.  Lily's is on the right, her's is for more petite dogs, those whose neck circumference only goes up to 22 inches.   And no, I don't wrap their presents.  


  1. Lisinopril - I take that too!

    I don't wrap the cats presents either.

    1. they tried me on a diuretic at first and all it did was make me pee
      and dogs will eat wrapping paper and you end up with santas in their crap.