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Friday, December 9, 2016


Yesterday, as I was walking through the greenhouse after opening up for the garden cashiers, I saw some pink flowers over where they don't belong.  The area is listed for tropicals but is mostly cacti.  Being the inquisitive sort, I had to investigate.  These were normal flowering plants, I could tell that, and there were a multitude of small, pink buds and flowers.  To my surprise, they were Jade Plants.  You know?  Little fat leaves.  I had no idea they ever flowered.  But these two were in full bloom.

So I went to our plant guy and told him how amazing this is, to have jade plants blooming.  And he said, with a broad smile, "Yes, aren't they just beautiful."

Yes they are.


  1. jade plants bloom? I had no idea! pretty things; do the blossoms have a fragrance?

  2. No perfume, just the color. I'm waiting to see if they get seed pods.