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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

A tale of 2 Johns... and this

I have 2 Johns working for me, one older and retired and a bit of a curmudgeon, the other younger, a school teacher who needs to always be petted.  This past weekend we chose our Cashier of the Month and the award went to the older John.  He pissed and moaned, but was obviously tickled pink.  One of the things we do for the Cashier of the Month is have everybody sign and apron, at the end of the month it goes to the Cashier.  So I take the apron to John the Younger and he says "I don't sign aprons," and, of course, my response was "well, you're not a very good team player, are you?"  And I got the glare of death.  Like I said, young John likes to be petted, he likes to be the center of attention, he drops names to impress people.  He ended up signing the apron, but I suspect he's now shifting into death spiral mode in regard to his job as a cashier.  He's just not special enough.
Anyway, on our Prez elect, I saw this thing called Trumplethinskin which couldn't be more apropos.

I mean, there are so many holy crap moments, from Pizzagate (Flynn Junior is another asshole at large) to reading that DeVos education agenda is dead on arrival, to the Secretary of State selection fiasco, and all of it show off our new Prez-elect's incompetence.  Accountability is not something he is very good at.


  1. And yet the _____lodytes are still dancing even though he's already backtracked on nearly every vow he made.

    1. Of course, no one ever accused them of being smart.

  2. young john is a special snowflake, eh? the world don't have time for special snowflakes! watch him quit!