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Wednesday, July 31, 2019


I woke up around 0300 for a call of nature... this sort of thing happens more often after the age of 60, and as is my habit I looked out the bedroom window.  Now I don't have a really great view  because there's a river birch growing right outside, but I can see down to my driveway.  I was more than a little surprised to see the interior lights were on in my car.  Shit.  So, I got dressed and went down to turn them off, luckily they're LED and don't take much power, with this mystery roiling around in my head:  How did they get turned on.  The car was locked, which meant they had to have been on for quite some time.  One light is turned on by pressing a button, you turn the other on by pressing the light, itself.  Both button and light are about an inch apart.  I was back in the house and halfway up the staircase before the answer flashed into my head like a little light bulb.  Big Seig's Nose.  I took the dogs to the park yesterday.  Big Seig likes to stand between the driver's and passenger's seats.  On occasion his nose will touch the rear view mirror.  Yesterday he must have nosed the interior lights.  Now I know to check next time I take them to the park for it will, undoubtedly, happen again.
I tried to stream a little of the debate last night,  To my surprise, most media outlets were streaming... updates, rather then the debate itself.  It was just Sanders and Warren and Mayor Pete and Beto.  One of the headlines I saw this morning was "What ever happened to Beto?"  Well, I've said this before, he needs to go back to Texas and win and election.  Tonight it's Biden's turn... oh, and there's going to be some others on the stage as well.  This needs to change soon.
I rode the Meteora route yesterday... in Greece.  It's a short, 5 mile, great ride.  my pulse hit 193 at the beginning, which is super high.  Normally it sits around 126 when I ride.  I think that's because you start off in the town, and like every 3 or 4 seconds you turn, and you're going really fast.  The pace is neither casual or slow by any means.  Shit!  Once I started climbing, which is about 3.5 miles of the route, my pulse dropped back down to my normal riding pulse.  Interesting, huh?  The same thing happens if I'm riding along and suddenly another cyclist pops up close to me.  I don't like it when someone is chasing me.
Anyway, I get to go back to work today.  Can you feel my excitement.
I also bought a workbook to help me learn my Greek alphabet.  What I find really interesting at first was that it sounds a lot like Latin.  And then I thought... duh.  The Greeks colonized Italy and took their language with them, along with their gods, and democracy, and a lot of other stuff.   This means that the root language for Latin is... Greek.  Which is why some things are Greek to a lot of us.

Look at all those names ending in 'A'


  1. We couldn't find the debates streaming on YouTube or the news channels. It was kind of weird. So I have no idea what happened.

    That's a lot of miles you're covering, there!

    1. i think they realized the audience wasn't there.

      The miles are fun, if they weren't I wouldn't do them.


    1. That is from my 2nd most favoritest broadway musical of all time!

  3. ha!
    I can imagine The whole light on thing was driving you nuts. And it was the doggie! 😆
    And I hope I don’t have to see Tulsi Gabbard ever again on tv. That cunt.
    You’ll find Greek to be awesome. Have never learned it but took some courses that discussed it. It’s fascinating.