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Saturday, July 27, 2019

Back to Work

So, I'm sitting here eating my oatmeal trying not to think about the fact that in a little over an hour and a half I'll be heading off to work.  Can you feel the excitement?  On a Saturday?
For those who don't know, Stage 19 of the Tour de France was halted yesterday because of...

snow and ice storm.  They day before the temps were hovering near 100 (F) in the Alps.  Today's stage has been shortened because of... snow and ice. 
Oh, and the Supreme Court said the Idiot Jerk in the White House can pilfer $2.5 billion from the Pentagon's budget for his wall.  You know, he has to give the white racists in his basis their precious little foible.  This is why he tried loading the Supreme Court with Conservatives, so that horrid, little minority group can get what ever they want.
I put a mattress platform on my bed yesterday and moved the box spring out into the hallway.  I need to get it downstairs and out front by garbage day.  My bed is lower, by almost a foot.  I didn't know how I was going to sleep... well, I was out like a light.  The mattress is firm and I had no idea how much bouncy, bouncy the box spring had - that's what happens when you have 180 lbs of dogs jumping around on it thinking it's a toy.  The notion had cross my mind to buy a new mattress if this didn't work out, but now I'm fairly certain that will not be the case.
A workbook is arriving today to help with the Greek.  Learning the alphabet is the tricky part, teaching your mind that a 'v' now sounds like an 'n' is not as easy as you might think, and there's a letter that can sound like either a 'y' or a 'w'.  This is what's called exercising your brain.
Another thing arriving today is whey.  Legion whey.

Why whey, you say? (or ask, but that doesn't rhyme).  Protein, pure and simple.  I already use a chocolate cake batter flavor, this one is strawberry banana.  When do I drink it?  Before I ride my bike.  Before I ride, I make a shake of 4 oz whey, 6 oz whole milk, and 6 oz water and chug that sucker.  Protein helps you build muscle, that thing we tend to lose as we get older... and I'm riding more and more hills.  They're a pain in the ass... or, well, legs, and they're work.  Even though I will tell myself I'm not going to ride this evening, I know I'm probably going to climb on the bike after work... to work.


  1. I’m livid the supremes gave Cheeto that money. Instead of going to the military, the vets, etc. Ugh.
    THe Tour de France is a metaphor for global warming, huh?
    And I’ve tried protein before, but I should try whey? Who knew?


    1. See....just one more thing the asshole gets, and another group caves in to him. No one will go up against the fat , sloppy bastard. He probably has blackmail on literally everybody in dC. For someone who came from a non political background, everybody seems scared to rise against him, I don't get it.

    2. The Blue Tidal Wave is coming and the MAGA heads are scared.

  2. If you become a muscule daddy you better look out....purrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Im like a bloodhound I'll sniff you out!!!!!!

  3. You got that right about the weather here. It has dropped by 20°C overnight! Not that I care as it was excruciatingly hot. Sorry to say it but I hate the Tour de France too - I was coming back from the market today and a whole squad of amateurs came belting down the mountain road I was driving up and one of them took a bend on the wrong side of the road - i.e. mine!! and almost bought it on my hood! Aaarggghh. Drives me bonkers.

    1. Amateurs! I like the TDF but have to laugh at the amateurs riding around in their faux yellow jerseys.