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Sunday, July 7, 2019

Dumb Bitch

Well, it's Sunday and after a not so thrilling day off I get to go back to work for 2 days.  Well, let me clarify that.  Saturday had it's good points.  Mike Teunissen, a Dutchman, won the first stage of the Tour de France.

Not a sport for the safety conscious
He wasn't even considered as a contender but there were crashes... 2 of them, and at the last minute he pedaled his ass off... well, he still has it, he just rode like hell.  Good for him!
So, I was in a good mood.  I did chores, no laundry for a change, and decided to put in some mileage on the bike.  Everything was going well until Votis showed up.  Who's Votis you ask?  I have no idea.  What I do know is that someone, somewhere was riding the same route I was riding and he was less than 2 miles away.  That's right, the training application I use lets you see other riders, no matter where they live, riding on the same route.  Until yesterday, this has never bothered me... but for some reason yesterday I found Votis an aggravation.  He was slowly falling behind, and was soon going to disappear from my screen... yet I couldn't stop looking at that little blue balloon named Votis.  So, after 3 miles, I got off the bike and went downstairs and completed 35 minutes of cardio on the elliptical.
I did climb on the scale this morning.... Holy Shit.
Anyway, late yesterday afternoon I did something I rarely do... I looked at the sales reports of my books.  Now, I know my writing is never going to make me rich, which is why I rarely check my stats.  But there was one sale I was looking for...  I think I've already told you about my Navy buddy's wife who posted a list of books on Facebook she was planning on reading during the summer.  I jokingly asked "where's my book?"  Well, she shot back this little challenge, "have you bought mine?"  Her's is a slim, paperback volume of black and white photos... and poetry.  I had no problem buying her book.  I can gift it to my friend Betsy, she might like it.  So, I told this friend's wife I'd purchased her paperback volume (no inexpensive Kindle version was available) and she responded by saying she'd purchased The Body on the Lawn... the Kindle version.  Well, that was over a month ago and I got curious.  You guessed it.  No purchase from around that time.  Basically, she lied.  This is irritating, you know?  She knows I can see my stats, so why tell me she bought the book when she didn't?  Dumb Bitch.  This makes her look really, really bad.


  1. at least you didn't have to put up with the lil bastards at work yesterday!

    1. Besides getting to watch the Tour, that was the only bright spot.