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Saturday, July 6, 2019

Day One

Today is Saturday, a day off for me.  I requested off because of... Kid's Workshop.  Even though this is a really great thing, having 300 plus kids banging away with little hammers less than 100 feet away is not conducive to good sales.  You can't hear your customers talk, and they can't hear you.

A way more important reason for taking off was today is

The First Day of The Tour de France!

This is the reason why I have a subscription to NBC Sports Gold Cycling.  I can watch it live... commercial free.  The first stage this year is Live... From Belgium.  In fact, the first 2 stages take place in Belgium.  Tomorrow is the first Team Time Trial... and hell, I have to work.  Today's state is 194 km (120 miles) long.  Right now their average speed is 44 km per hour (27 mph).  That's fast.  My average speed is between 15 and 16 miles per hour.  Since I'm not in Brussels, I took some snaps from my big screen TV.

I wrote about the colors and the crowds in The Body in the Tower.  I also wrote about those cameramen on motorcycles.

The jobs report came out yesterday for June.  It was good... and the stock market went down.  Investors would rather have a bad report in order for the Fed to drop interest rates because Americans at work have less appeal to them then the % they're going to have to pay in interest (88% of thee investors are foreign). 
Two days after the 4th and many Americans have decided they weren't impressed with the Idiot Jerk's ego parade in Washington.  What ever happened to the America being the land of Opportunity?  Don't ask foreign investors, you won't like their response.


  1. the deplorables don't realize that the saudis & the chinese own 88% of our ASSets.

  2. And do you really think they care about jobs in America?